Things To Do at Hotel M Morgantown


Guests often stay at Hotel M Morgantown - WVU Area when looking for a hotel near Nath Sculpture Garden, Saratoga Hot Spot Amusement Park, Chimney Rock Golf Course and more. We can also meet your needs when you’re looking for a Morgantown hotel near Raymond Park. Of course, West Virginia University is nearby as well. All these things and more add up to plenty to do and see as you visit our great city. We take pride in being a place you can trust for great accommodations near these unique points of interest.


Here are some things to do in and around Morgantown WV:

Be among the 14,000 people to attend an event at WVU Coliseum, where there may be something great happening while you’re here.

Dorsey's Knob Park and Disc Golf Course is great for trails, disc golf and more – in a beautiful hillside setting.

Art Museum of West Virginia University is among the places to visit on campus that are open to the public.

Put something unique in your Instagram feed when you take a selfie at the one-of-a-kind Don Knotts Statue.


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